28 Ocak 2014 Salı


January 2014
3rd class / 5th term
Transmorp-h Studio | Ozan Önder Özener

   When examining Dolapdere’s complicated culture, inefficacy to act a part in Istanbul clearly appears. In history of Dolapdere, there are so many migration of societies. They all could no prove themselves to Istanbul, since they  don’t have sufficent opportunity. For example, although most regions of Istanbul have over 20 bus lines, Dolapdere has only 2 which are already work until 6 pm. For this reason, most of workers from Dolapdere do not use transportation vehicle. Normally for such a situation, the best proposal should be education. But there is no base to educate directly in Dolapdere. To improve the quality of people, production is the best way. U-CHEF gets the food sources of Dolapdere, then makes a transportation network and distrubute foods to Istanbul. Also shows potential of Dolapdere’s people to Istanbul. U-CHEF also has food & beverage units for feedback people used urban kitchen of U-CHEF and want to see in own place. The marketplace is also meeting point of public and Dolapdere’s raw materials. Typical marketplaces have a structure on their top not only in Turkey, but also all over the world.  U-CHEF’s structure is the main building which is located on top of the marketplace. 
   The vehicle approach and the public approach stay in different places. Because people coming to marketplace should isolate from vehicles and employees. Marketplace is under  the construction  but if the poeple do not want to join in marketplace, they use other public recreation sites.
   This diagrams explain that how U-CHEF network works. First of all 3 spesific raw material fields feed U-CHEF. These foods are processed by professional kitchen of U-CHEF. However, they also sell in marketplace in certain days. Next step, distributed meals by urban kitchen of U-CHEF represent Dolapdere. The people of Istanbul are acquainted with Dolapdere's skills and feedback to Dolapdere.